About Tom & Niek

Tom Wolfs, clarinet, and Niek KleinJan, percussion, met each other for the first time when playing together in the Young Dutch Wind Ensemble (in Dutch: Jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble) and because of curiosity thought of repertoire for clarinet and percussion. Tom, graduated for his Master’s degree cum laude and plays as a substitute in several orchestras, including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, plays the B flat clarinet as well the E flat clarinet for some pieces and he even hits different percussion instruments so now and then! Niek, also graduated cum laude for his Master’s degree plays marimba, vibraphone, cajon, hand drums, snare drums, shakers and several other percussion instruments.

There aren’t a lot composers (yet!) that wrote duets for clarinet & percussion so we decided to play existing, (often) old(er) music and arrange it for clarinet and percussion. This worked! We play Bach, Rachmaninov, Puccini, Bizet, Saint-Seans and a lot more pieces from composers that didn’t even know what a marimba was. On top of that we play commissions, we already have 3 pieces (& counting!) that are written especially for us. How amazing is that!

Nowadays we play a lot of different repertoire, often on Dutch national radio (Channel Radio 4), in several concert halls in Holland including Royal Theatre Carré, Royal Concertgebouw, Melkweg Amsterdam, at the Herman van Veen Arts Center etc. etc., with a lot of positive feedback from the audience. We’re really glad to hear that a lot people like our duo! We’re now trying to get more commissions and are going to participate in chamber music competitions to get a broader audience. Meanwhile: check our videos at the  Gallery section to get an idea of what we are doing. There will be more video material coming out soon!